Elemental Set - Online Course

An experiential journey into Patagonia Flower, Bird, and Mineral Essences

Our Elemental Set contains 20 Patagonia Essences, carefully selected to open the 7 main chakras in a balanced way.  Flower, Bird, and Mineral Essences complement each other by working on different levels. 

You will have the chance to experience with essences tailored for your needs from the first module, gaining a deep understanding of how they work, beyond the theory. We will also support you on a case study so that you end the course feeling confident using the essences with those around you.

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  • Introduction to Patagonia Essences: the energy of Patagonia, a bit of our history, what is unique about these essences.
  • Flowers, Birds, and Minerals: what is special about each line and why they complement each other so well to help us heal.
  • 20 Essences of the Elemental Set, for each of them we will study: 
    • Positive qualities.
    • Patterns of imbalance; how to recognize who needs each essence.
    • Signature; how the species or element resembles what its essence does.
    • How it works, when to use it, and if there's anything to be aware of (Patagonia Essences can be quite strong, so we take it seriously!).
  • Case study: ethical considerations, how to present a case, the importance of transference.

Course Modality

The course is based on these 6 pillars:

  • Monthly meeting where you can share your experience and doubts with the essences, in addition to studying content and receiving support in your case study.
  • Prerecorded classes: 20 videos of 30 minutes each, that you can access whenever you want to study the essences at your own pace.
  • Portfolio so that you can complete your notes as you progress through the course.
  • Support forum, where you can ask questions or share whenever you need.
  • Personal experience with the Essences, guided from the first module according to your needs.
  • Case Study carried out with a person or animal (according to your interest and experience). We will accompany you in the process and you will have a space to present the case in the last group session.
How it looks ...
- You will get access to our portal with all the content and activities.
- Each essence is explained in a 30 minute video with all the information and examples. You can see them as many times as you want, even after the course.
- After watching each video, you're invited to share your reflections on that essence in a group forum.
- Every essence comes with a Personal Reflection Guide with questions to see how integrated you have the qualities of that essence in your life. Some essences also suggest exercises and guided meditations.
- You will receive a guideline at the beginning of the course with the suggested schedule to study each essence, you can adjust it to your rhythm and schedules.
- We recommend you save 2 to 3 hours per week.
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Also included in the course

  • Manual with descriptions of all the essences and other supporting material.
  • On-going support after the course on a community forum.
  • 20% discount on all our products for the duration of the course.
  • Possibility to be showcased on our practitioner's page.

Dates and time - 2022 to be confirmed

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We encourage you to participate at the time of the session, but they will be recorded and made available to you for a limited time after each class in case you can't make it to a specific date or want to see them again.


  • Course: £250.00.- Only £50 per month. 
  • Course + Elemental Set (including postage in EU countries): £390.00.- You can pay in up to 4 installments.
  • Elemental Set reference price: £178.00

10 spaces available. Book yours here today.

Book your place by paying in full or a deposit of £60.00, deductible from the total. Deposit is only refundable in case that Patagonia Essences cancels the course or changes the date to one that is not of your convenience.
Still not sure? Send us an email, we'd love to help you in case you have any doubts or want to discuss any further details.


We suggest that you have some previous knowledge of Flower Essences and Bach Flowers. If this is not your case, do get in touch with Natalia at hello@patagoniaessences.com and we will be happy to suggest some introductory reading or have a chat with you to help you feel more confident. 

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