Patagonia Flower Essences

The survivors of the wind

A short description of the essences contained in our Initial Kit


(Nassauvia axillaris)

Unconditional love, tolerance and respect for other people´s paths.

Uses: Recognising ones own and others’ right to make mistakes. Need for control. Lack of trust in others. Perfectionism.


(Montiopsis sericea)

Gender issues.  Self-esteem. Ability to choose a partner assertively and to have healthy intimate boundaries.

Uses: Heal female/male self-esteem. Difficulty in choosing a partner. Fidelity.

Campanita Blanca

(Digitalis purpurea)

Heals the relationship with the father and other authority figures.

Uses: Rebellious attitude. Adaptation to teamwork, flexibility. Acceptance of the father and healing of this relationship.

Capachito Andino

(Calceolaria andina)

Maternal love: welcoming and unconditional, towards oneself and others.

Uses: Lack of mother's love. Developing maternal instinct. Important for all children. Perfectionism. Self-criticism. Depression. Personal care.

Cardo Negro

(Cirsium vulgare)

Forgiveness, belonging and self-worth.

Uses: Low self-esteem due to lack of affection and care in childhood. Processing abuse and abandonment traumas. Feelings of impotence and marginality.


(Nassauvia magellanica)

Ability to make decisions based on love. Recognizing and distinguishing our inner world to find meaning and order.

Uses: To recognize the positive and negative aspects of each situation we face. Being able to choose for oneself and others following the guidance of our loving heart. Indecision. Addictions. Self-aggression.

Odoo text and image block'Chocolate' flowers growing beside Zapata glacier, part of the Southern Icefild, Patagonia. This thorny flower is named after it's sweet chocolate-like fragrance.
Odoo image and text block'Coigüe' trees growing by a lake in Tierra del Fuego island.


(Nothofagus dombeyi)

Balancing instinct and sexual energy so that we can recognize what we need to live with happiness.

Uses: Raises our fire element and awakens the life instinct and spirit. Helps us cope with the effects of our own or ancestral traumas, that are affecting our sexual identity and capacity. Brings happiness and ability to enjoy life.

Corcolén Blanco

(Azara dentata)

Connection with the world, here and now, through all senses. Openness to perceiving the beauty and the sacred meaning of existence.

Uses: Over-thinking that hinders contact with reality. Attention Deficit.  Helps us cope with the effects of traumas of a sexual or sensory origin.




Connection with material and physical existence.

Uses: Attention deficit, carelessness about the present and the needs of the physical body. Aversion to physical contact. Developing logical, mechanical and technological capabilities. Mishandling of resources.

Eufrasia Antárctica

(Euphrasia magellanica)

Helps us think in a mature, individual way that is free of prejudices.

Uses: Confusion between personal vision and what was learned. Liberates from erroneous learning that blocks clear reasoning. Conflicts between 

Estrellita Lila

(Perezia nutans)

Encounter with our inner wisdom and self-confidence.

Uses: Self-doubt. Insecurity, lack of charisma and credibility, apathy. Problems of abundance. Difficulty in receiving recognition.

Flor del Bigote

(Bippinula fimbriata)

Recognize my task and find the path for personal fulfilment.

Uses: Disconnection of oneself due to concern for others. Feeling of emptiness, lack of personal goals. Healthy boundaries. Stop living other people’s lives to live one’s own.

Gota de Sangre

(Ourisia ruelloides)

Unconditional love, forgiveness and compassion towards those who have harmed us.

Uses: Work out feelings of anger, grief, resentment


(Porlieria chilensis)

Strength and stability to face difficulties.

Uses: Recognizing one's inner pillars to keep stability, moral strength. Dramatizing problems, losing perspective. Dejection. Helps to cope with suffering and mature through adversity.

Hongo del Ñirre

(Aleurodiscus vitellinus)

Adaptation to changes, detachment. Love and respect for oneself, being our best companion.

Uses: Emotional dependence and sadness. For all changes, especially when there are emotional losses.


(Altroemeria revoluta)

Connection with one's vocation and what we have to offer.

Uses: Overwork due to low self-esteem. Acceleration at any level.


(Stachys gilliessi)

Confidence to relate to others and solve our own needs. Courage to go out and face the world.

Uses: When we feel the world is a difficult place. Avoids contact with others, even if there are 'excuses' to do it. Isolation, loneliness. Fear of failure at a family level.


(Colliguaja intergerrima)

Confidence in our own abilities that allows undertaking new challenges.

Uses: Develop one’s own potential. Overcome self-limitating prejudices and dare to try. Nurturing others.


(Nothofagus pumilio)

Focus and mental order.

Uses: Dispersion, difficulty to prioritize. Recognize personal goals and align with the purpose of the Soul.

Odoo text and image block'Lenga' trees at the beginning of fall in the unexplored 'Cerro Paine'. At the back, you can see the turquoise 'Laguna Amarga' home for Chilean Flamingos and Stromatolites, one of the most primitive forms of life on Earth.
Odoo image and text block'Neneo' flowers in Torres del Paine National Park. On the back, you can see the 'Paine Horns', a unique combination of granite and metamorphic rock shaped by the glaciers, extreme temperatures and wind.


(Azara petiolaris)

Love and unconditional acceptance of oneself. Recognizing our nature of being loving and deserving. Love oneself to love others.

Uses: Rejection of the expression of our selves and our individuality. Self-demand, isolation, rejection. Feeling of having a closed heart.


(Anarthrophyllum desideratum)

I find my place in the world and I walk towards my personal fulfilment.

Uses: The disconnection of our personal sense causes disorientation in our whole being: vocational confusion, anxiety, dispersion, difficulty to root oneself, loneliness, disconnection from others. Lack of meaning and place.


(Neuropogon trachycarpus)

Openness to affections and the relationship with the world.

Uses: Emotional isolation, fears and prejudices that permeate our relationship with the world. Problems of taking in and giving out. Feeling protected and safe in our physical contact with the world.


(Nicotiana acuminata)

Self-esteem that is reflected in a confident contact with others.

Uses: Anxiety when facing personal relationships: hyperactivity, insecurity, awkwardness, talking too much, impulsivity in contact.

Ojo de Agua

(Oxalis enneaphylla)

Ability to act in a timely and planned manner.

Uses: Mental block when performing tasks. Lack of order and organization. Prioritize and classify.

Orquídea Amarilla

(Chloraea sp.)

Spiritual confidence. For every situation in which it is necessary to trust.

Uses: Unblocks states of shock or paralysis. It allows the processing of trauma, to cope with situations of extreme difficulty. Find abundance and regain faith.

Pico de Loro

(Chloraea bletioides - lutea)

Security and spiritual protection.

Uses: Closes the energy field to negative influences to feel surrounded by protective and angelic forces. Essence of protection. Affects of fear, restlessness and forebodings. Nightmares.


(Primula magellanica)

Opportune, fluid and agile communication. Spontaneity. Creativity.

Uses: Excessive control when expressing ourselves. Shyness, lack of empathy, rigidity. Discoordination between thought and word. Repression of creativity.


(Saxifraga magellanica)

Recognize what we feel, and act in accordance with our higher free will.

Uses: Lack of will power. Lack of control, bad habits, self-aggression. Clarity in situations of pain.

Senecio de Conguillío

(Senecio aspericaulis)

Act clearly and calmly in situations of emotional overload.

Uses: High demand situations, states of emergency where it is needed to act with self-control.


(Tropaeolum tricolor)

Physical and mental strength, resistance and motivation to follow a routine.

Uses: Balances our energies, especially to start the day, and helps us fulfil what we propose. Deep demotivation. Very important when spirits feel low and sad.

Odoo text and image blockEssences being prepared by solarization method in Baguales Mountain Range, South Patagonia.
Odoo image and text block'Trevillo' in South Patagonia


(Tarasa operculata)

Mental peace and fearless perception.

Uses: Decreases over-thinking and mental restlessness. Heals traumas of abuse or mistreatment that caused a state of constant mental alertness and insecurity.


(Tepualia stipularis)

Uses: Intense fear traumas. Low sexual energy. Respiratory and urinary problems. Surgical interventions.

Confidence and security in my personal space. Integrity.

Uses: Useful for the effects of intense fear traumas, disconnection with the body, low fire element. Balancing after surgical interventions.


(Caldcluvia paniculata)

Self-control, ability to reflect before acting.

Uses:  Loss of control and excessive impulsivity. Attention deficit.


(Trifolium dubium)

Ability to fight for what we want without giving up.

Uses: For when there is low tolerance to frustration and pessimism. Helps children to cope with school tasks.

Violeta de Magallanes

(Viola magellanica)

Concise love on a physical, romantic and family level.

Uses: Fear of engaging in relationships. Strengthen family ties. Physical expression of affection in the family. Attachment and communication of the mother with the child during pregnancy.


(Dunaria spinosa)

Unconditional and generous delivery of love.

Uses: Affective manipulation. Rejection of one’s femininity and cyclicity.  Resistance to true growth, development and reproduction.

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