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United Kingdom

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Dr. Andrew Tressider


Somerset GP Dr Andrew Tresidder has a particular interest in Physician Health, health in general, and the preconditions that support the return to psychological and physical health. He is also a GP Patient Safety Lead for NHS Somerset CCG, a GP Appraiser, a co-founder of the Somerset Clinician Support Service, a member of the European Association of Physician Health, a trustee of Electrosensitivity UK (ESUK), and an author about Bach and other Flower Essences, and about Emotional Healing (I'm Fine, Learning to Unblock Your Emotions).  Andrew has run successful courses on emotional well being for many professional groups including health professionals, teachers and prison staff, as well as a module on Self Care, Self Aware for Bristol Medical Students. He has lectured to Canadian Physicians, and presented in Dublin and Japan. Married with three children, he lives in England's South West. 

Dr. Andrew offers face-to-face and online sessions. Contact him at:

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Emma Nixon


Emma is an Advanced Practitioner In Flower and Vibrational Essences having completed a BFVEA accredited Diploma, as well as completing trainings with leading essence producers and ranges. She works with clients both online and in person from her Practice based in Dorset, UK, where she lives with her family including 5 daughters and various animal companions. 

Emma has a particular interest and focus on the emotional issues around fertility and pregnancy, over-sensitivities in children and adults, mental health and wellbeing, Acute Childhood Experience, Autistic Spectrum Condition. 

Emma offers online sessions. Contact her at:

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Nina Ritchie

Witney, Oxfordshire

I have been a flower essence practitioner for 20 years, and am always amazed to witness their gentleness and power, their ability to help people and their versatility.  In addition to flower essence therapy, I also offer palliative care reflexology and I work with parents either on a 1-1 basis, or delivering programmes to groups of parents.  I love the way flower essences can enhance and work  so beautifully with any other kind of therapy. 

Nina offers face-to-face and online sessions. Contact her at:

United States

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Nicholas Pearson

Orlando, Florida

Nicholas Pearson is a flower essence therapist and researcher whose love for plants (and essences) grew alongside his love for the mineral kingdom. Best known for his work with crystals and Reiki, Nicholas is an award-winning author, crystal and gemstone expert, and Reiki practitioner and teacher whose work is celebrated for uniting the worlds of science and spirituality. He draws from decades of experience in the healing arts fields to create custom blends of essences and holding space for deeper healing. 

Nicholas is the author of Crystal Basics, Flower Essences from the Witch's Garden, and many more books. He lives in Orlando, Florida.

Nicholas offers face-to-face and online sessions. Contact him at:

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Michael Allison

Detroit, Michigan

Michael is a certified Life Coach & Flower Essence Practitioner with education in various brands such as: Bach Flower Remedies, Flower Essence Society, Desert Alchemy, Australian Bush, Living Essences Of Australia, Tree Frog Farm, Alaskan Essences, Spirit In Nature, Flora Corona, Patagonia Essences & Saint Germain Flower Essences. He's also certified in Aromatherapy, Crystal Healing, Sound Touch, Floral Acupuncture & Aroma Point Therapy and I provide flower essence services locally and long-distance in the USA. Michael makes custom blend flower essences, gem elixirs, bird essences & environmental essences to provide his clients the best of the best from around the world. His blends are unique and tailored to your needs. Micheal is looking forward to sharing his passion and knowledge with you!

Michael offers face-to-face and online sessions. Contact him at: