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What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are liquid natural preparations; they are normally taken orally but can also be used externally when prescribed. Each bottle of essence contains the energy of a specific species. The energy is obtained by putting the flowers in the water or by placing the water bowl around the flowers under the sun. It doesn’t have any chemical active components, just the vibration, which makes it a very safe therapy for use at any age and as a complement for any other therapy that you can be using. The water copies the energy of the species and then it is kept with alcohol or vegetal glycerine. Because our body has around 70% of water, this ‘energised’ water will start resonating with our own water. Because it is not based in any chemicals of the flower, there are also essences from animals, crystals and other elements. These kinds of essences are called “Vibrational” essences and they work the same way as flower essences.

What is special about Patagonia Essences?

Patagonia Essences follow the same principles as Bach Flowers, stated by the Welsh Doctor, bacteriologist and homoeopath Edward Bach (1886-1936). Patagonia Essences are prepared in the most remote and pristine landscapes of Chile, in South America, with pure natural ingredients and in contact with the wild species. Most of them correspond to native species that evolved to survive in extreme weather conditions such as altitude, dry desert, wind and very cold temperatures. This ability to adapt and flourish in extreme situations talks about a resilient and strong energy, where elemental abilities for survival are extremely developed. This energy is held in the essences and it manifests in human’s 7 chakras, which refer to our elemental abilities to express our potential and the purpose of our souls. Another particularity is that we work with three lines: Flower, Bird and Mineral essences. Those are combined to offer balance and transformation at different levels. You can learn more about these three lines here.

What is Flower Therapy?

Flower or Vibrational Therapy consists normally on a monthly session in which you and your therapist discuss the issues that you would like to address. To offer a deeper understanding, we also offer a Chakra reading. This is done with a pendulum and doesn’t require any movement or touching from you. The information about the chakras will allow us to comprehend your circumstances from a different angle, create a therapeutic plan that respects your abilities and see the energetic changes along the therapy. Based on this conversation, the therapist prepares a bottle of essences specifically selected for you and your circumstances. The bottle contains a combination of all the essences that the therapist selects for you. Normally, you will feel the first effects along the first 2 weeks of treatment. You have to use the essences as prescribed; most frequently, you take them orally on an average of 7 drops, 3 times a day. They contain water and vodka, but for children and pregnant women, the essences are conserved with organic vegetable glycerine, which gives them a sweet taste. Before you run out of essences, we recommend you to book another session to chat about the processes you lived along the month and prepare a new formula. The length of the full therapy can be determined by you and your therapist, according to your needs.

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What are the benefits of Flower Therapy?

 Flower and Vibrational therapy is a complementary treatment. It can be used alongside any other treatment you are taking (anyway, we recommend that you mention this to any other professionals that might be treating you). Because they are natural, they can be taken at any stage in life, from conception and pregnancy to the last years of life. Flower and Vibrational Therapy helps to reconnect with our soul and our deepest wishes. By taking them, we remember who we are, releasing fears, ideas, learned patterns, and images of ourselves that no longer reflect us. They awaken our sleeping capacities, addressing all areas of our life. Patagonia Essences can help you: - Find your way to personal fulfilment. - Enjoy life more. - Improve your relationships with others and with yourself. - Express your inner potential. - Find emotional meaning to physical discomforts. - Know and express your emotions better.

Benefits of Flower Therapy during Pregnancy.

Because they are natural, based on the energy of the flower and not taking any chemicals from  them, Patagonia Essences are ideal to be used during pregnancy. In this stage, we focus on empowering the mothers-to-be by connecting them to their natural instinct and reinforcing their intuition. This is easy to say (actually we get told that a lot during pregnancy), but many times hard to achieve with so much information around us. 

Some of the benefits are: 

  • They improve the connection with the baby. 

  • Helps to reduce fears and be confident, especially during labour. 

  • It gives emotional support to the baby as well, reinforcing the bonding with the mother and helping them in the grounding process that birth implies. 

  • Helps you to connect with your strength and wisdom to cope with the new routine after birth. 

  • Keeps you and your baby connected to your cycles and needs. In the session, you can also choose to have a Chakra reading for your baby. This is usually very beautiful and moving since it allows both mother and therapist to understand better the challenges that the baby is facing and his or her strengths. With this knowledge, we can offer special support through the essences and emotional communication with the mother.

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