Advanced Essence Practitioner Course

Go on a voyage of discovery and learn about yourself too.

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A complete course designed to provide you with all the core needs to become an essence practitioner. 

Guided by Julie Bowman and Natalia Montes, both registered practitioners and passionate essence preparers.

We believe that to offer deep transformations and healing to your clients, a practitioner needs to have experienced the journey first, so from the start you will be encouraged and supported to prepare your own combinations. 

Our focus is for you to actually work with the essences (not to store them on a shelf), so from the beggining we will offer you the tools to feel confident to use them.

Modality of the course:

- 10 face-to-face weekend workshops in our base in Derby, UK.

  • The workshops will include theoretical classes, practical exercises, meditations, and a bit of art therapy too!

*Please contact us if you can't attend to all of them, we can arrange for online streaming for some weekends if needed. 

- After each workshop, you will:
  • Participate on a group forum for on-going support.
  • Read recommended literature to deepen your knowledge.
  • Try the essences on yourself and keep a journal (you will have time to prepare your own blend according to your needs, using the essences provided by the end of each module).
  • Work on your case studies. Depending on your current experience, you can start using them directly on your practice or start with plants, animals or people you know until you feel confident to do at last one case with a real client. 
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Brief course overview:

  • 10 face-to-face weekend workshops.

  • In-depth study of four essence ranges. 

  • Complementary knowledge and therapeutic abilities to apply in your practice. 

  • Personal journey trying essences tailored to you. 

  • Ongoing online support in a group forum.

  • How to put together case studies. 

  • Keeping an essence journal to track experiences, insights, essences taken and the impact they have on you. 

  • Supervised practice with 3 real cases. 

  • Understanding of chakras and energy fields and how to treat them. 

  • Learn to dowse. 

  • Special discount on essences whilst participating on the course. 

Contents of the Course:

- History of Dr. Bach, how essences were created and have progressed over time.

- In-depth study and experiential use of 4 essence ranges:

  • Dr. Bach's Essences - 38 essences.
  • Spirit in Nature - 20 master's essences.
  • Patagonia Essences - Elemental Set (20 essences) + bespoke selection of essences for the group.
  • Lotus Holistic Essences 

- Properties of water as the base for vibrational therapy. 

- How essences work alongside other therapies as well as independently. 

- Energy fields: the Chakra system and how it can be used to create a therapeutic plan.

Various methods dowsing, muscle testing, kinesiology, etc. 

- Identifying and elaborating traumas within the chakras with essences.

- Effects that essences have on humans, animals, plants and environments.

 Counselling skills: through theory and practical excercises we will explore through listening skills, transference, therapeutic setting and a lot more.

- Work on 3 case studies. By the end of the course each student will make a presentation of one of the cases.

Keeping an essence journal to track experiences, insights, essences taken and the impact they have on you. 

- Preparing essences: we will make 3 essences by 3 different methods, writing up a diary of the experience to investigate their properties.

Interactions between essences. Putting together a portfolio. 

- Exploratory work with plants, trees, flowers and gems.

- Use of  MYMOP for research and measuring results in the practice.

Code of conduct and constitution of the BFVEA (British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association), labelling and other regulations.

- Business management and health & safety standards. 

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Included in the course:

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