Advanced Essence Practitioner Course

Go on a voyage of discovery and learn about yourself too.

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A complete course designed to provide you with all the core needs to become an essence practitioner. 

Guided by Julie Bowman and Natalia Montes, both registered practitioners and passionate essence preparers.

We believe that to offer deep transformations and healing to your clients, a practitioner needs to have experienced the journey first, so from the start you will be encouraged and supported to prepare your own combinations. 

Our focus is for you to actually work with the essences (not to store them on a shelf), so from the beggining we will offer you the tools to feel confident to use them.

Modality of the course:

- This is a part online, part face to face course.

The course is based in the following 6 pillars:

1. Online support: 

  • Monthly group sessions: 2 hours long with space to answer questions, share and deepen on the topics that they are studying, tailored to the group’s needs. 
  • Personal follow-ups: you're entitled to 3 private one-hour-sessions along the duration of the course with one of the tutors. This is the space to discuss more personal issues and receive support in a way that resembles the therapeutic setting that you'll be implementing on your own practice. 
  • Group forum: private group with space for sharing and discussing on all topics arising from the classes and personal experience with the essences. 

2. Pre-recorded sessions: 

In-depth study of four essence ranges, history of vibrational essences and other information. You will be able to study at your own rhythm on your online portal following the recommended timings for each topic and revisiting each session each time you need them. Sessions aim to be informative and at the same time a friendly space for reflection, you see an example of a session here.

3. Portfolio: 

Printable material for you to take notes and complete excersises. As this is an accredited course, this portfolio might be assessed by and BFVEA supervisor. 

4.  Personal Experience with the essences: 

We believe that for true learning to happen, students need to have a direct experience with essences. These will be tailored to your needs and you'll receive support in your journey from the group and on a personal diary. 

5. Case Studies: 

From early on in the course, we will support your to practice in real-life cases with essences. These can be chosen according to your particular interests.

6. Face-to-face workshop: 

A 6-day retreat planned for June 2022 (we're keeping the dates flexible until we approach the time).  These days will be filled with exciting exercises, meditations and practice, like preparing your own essence at the wonderful Weleda Gardens in Derby, UK.

7. Reading: 

Hand-picked bibliography will be suggested to support each area of knowledge.

listening skills, working with clients, supervised consultations with peers, discerning and making of essences, code of conduct and experiential exercises with essences and energy fields. 

What you'll learn:

- History of Dr. Bach, how essences were created and have progressed over time.

- In-depth study and experiential use of 4 essence ranges:

  • Dr. Bach's Essences - 38 essences.
  • Spirit in Nature - 20 master's essences.
  • Patagonia Essences - Elemental Set (20 essences) + bespoke selection of essences for the group.
  • Lotus Holistic Essences 

- Properties of water as the base for vibrational therapy. 

  Counselling skills: through theory and practical excercises we will explore through listening skills, transference, therapeutic setting and a lot more.

- How essences work alongside other therapies as well as independently. 

- Energy fields: the Chakra system and how it can be used to create a therapeutic plan.

Various methods for dowsing, muscle testing, kinesiology, etc. 

- Identifying and elaborating traumas within the chakras with essences.

- Effects that essences have on humans, animals, plants and environments.

- Work on 3 case studies. By the end of the course each student will make a presentation of one of the cases.

Keeping an essence journal to track experiences, insights, essences taken and the impact they have on you. 

- Preparing essences by different methods, and how to investigate their properties.

Interactions between essences. Putting together a portfolio. 

- Exploratory work with plants, trees, flowers and gems.

- Use of  MYMOP for research and measuring results in the practice.

Code of conduct and constitution of the BFVEA (British Flower and Vibrational Essence Association), labelling and other regulations.

- Business management and health & safety standards. 

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Dates for 2020 - 2021:

  • Next period is starting in May 2021. The total duration of the course is 15 months.
  • Most of the learning can be done at your own rhythm.
  • Monthly group sessions will be on Fridays from 5.00 to 7.00 pm, UK time.
  • The final retreat will be held in June 2022 in Derby, UK, in the pristine Weleda Gardens or an alternative space with similar properties. An exact date will be chosen with the group nearer to the time.

More about us:

Julie Bowman

Natalia Montes


Included in the course:

  • Unlimited access to all written and pre-recorded material.
  • 3 one-to-one sessions with one of us, including the essence combination made for you as a result of it in case you don't have the essences to make it yourself yet.
  • Ongoing support through monthly sessions and in the group forum


Deposit: £350.00      (non-refundable unless the providers have to cancel the course or make changes that affect your ability to join).

Monthly payment: £95.00

If you already have training on Bach Flowers or other of the essence ranges in our program, and would like to have the recognised qualification and further training provided by this course, get in touch with us at to see if you're eligible for the discount corresponding to your previous studies.