Austral Pygmy Owl - Stock Bottle 10 ml.

Austral Pygmy Owl - Stock Bottle 10 ml.

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Austral Pygmy Owl (Glaucidium nanum) 

‘I bring lucidity to your relationships. I clarify the boundaries so you can bond beyond prejudices, from the heart. Telepathy then arises in a healthy and constructive way.’ 
Austral Pygmy Owl brings clarity into relationships and enhances our ability to understand verbal or energetic messages. This enables us to relate honestly to others and set healthy boundaries. Healthy relationships then surprise us with synchronicities and frank conversations. A protection essence. 
Uses: For those who have to deal with manipulative people and feel energetically affected in present or past situations. Austral Pygmy Owl helps us to see how this energetic control takes place, so that we can cut the ties of dependence and break unhealthy relationships. For those with extreme sensitivity to others’ emotions. Bringing lucidity to help us understand people’s intentions, Austral Pygmy Owl allows us to rediscover our place and relate more honestly, from the heart. Helpful in paranoid states.
How to use:
Add 5 drops of each selected essence to a 30ml dosage bottle. Add a little preservative of your choice (Brandy, vegetal glycerin or others, then top up with water. Take 7 drops, 3 times a day but especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night. They can be used more often when needed.

- Vibrational energy from nature captured in spring water (50%), preserved with vodka (50%).
- Each bottle contains 10 ml. 
- Vegan

- Keep away from the reach of children.
- Keep away from direct sunlight and electromagnetic radiations (E.g.: try to store them away from your computer or cellphone).

- This essence has no contraindications except for allergies to one of the ingredients.

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