Cards for Elemental and Bird Essences Set

Cards for Elemental and Bird Essences Set

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Elemental and Bird Essences Set Cards

36 Flower, Bird, and Mineral Essence cards

Each card has an original picture taken by our team, along with an insightful phrase and the main Chakra where it works on the front. They are all blue on the back to allow random picking. 

Ideal to use in consultation, to facilitate the choice of essences, open new topics that have not been discussed or familiarize the user with the essences that will be used. 

They also facilitate the study of the essences for the therapist. 
They can be drawn randomly, similar to tarot, or choose according to preference by looking at the images.

NOTE: this set contains the cards for BOTH the Elemental Set and Bird Essences Set.
Product Description:
Measures: 120 x 70 mm. 
Comes in a blue velvet bag.
Full colour and laminated in the front for a longer lasting love.