Chocolate - Stock Bottle 10 ml.

Chocolate - Stock Bottle 10 ml.

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30. CHOCOLATE (Nassauvia magellanica) 

Chocolate activates the quality of love in all our chakras, starting by the Crown Chakra and then ascending from the first, helping us to make decisions based on love at all those levels. Ability to recognise and distinguish our inner world to find purpose and order.  

Uses: Confusion, lack of clarity, indecision, ambiguity. Chocolate’s energy allows us to recognize and discriminate between what’s nurturing and what hurts us at many levels: physical, emotional, affective, mental, moral, sexual, sensitive. For those who have no opinion and answer everything with an “I don’t know.” Being able to choose for oneself and for others following the guidance of our loving heart. Indecision. Addictions. Self-aggression. Feelings of guilt. Addictive or abusive relationships. Tantrums in children.
How to use:
Add 5 drops of each selected essence to a 30ml dosage bottle. Add a little preservative of your choice (Brandy, vegetal glycerin or others, then top up with water. Take 7 drops, 3 times a day but especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night. They can be used more often when needed.

- Vibrational energy from nature captured in spring water (50%), preserved with vodka (50%).
- Each bottle contains 10 ml. 
- Vegan

- Keep away from the reach of children.
- Keep away from direct sunlight and electromagnetic radiations (E.g.: try to store them away from your computer or cellphone).

- This essence has no contraindications except for allergies to one of the ingredients.