Chrysoprase - Stock Bottle 10 ml.

Chrysoprase - Stock Bottle 10 ml.

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Chrysoprase  (Mineral) 


‘My Soul connects firmly to my body to perceive and get involved with the real world’ 

Grounding essence. Encourages the strong union of body and soul, so that it can live the physical experience with all the senses, presence and commitment. It brings attention to reality, to the material and human environment, to participate and learn from it. 

Uses: Difficulty to focus and pay attention, dreamers, poor sense of reality. Excess of abstraction or idealism. Attention, care and appreciation of material things. Developing logical, mechanical and technological capabilities. Spatial location. Children who seem absent with difficulty in paying attention and learning. Preparation for childbirth and help to ground after traumatic birth experiences (in these cases, it’s important to support the grounding soul with other essences to face the specific fears of mother or child, like Tepual, or Capachito Andino).

How to use:
Add 5 drops of each selected essence to a 30ml dosage bottle. Add a little preservative of your choice (Brandy, vegetal glycerin or others, then top up with water. Take 7 drops, 3 times a day but especially first thing in the morning and last thing at night. They can be used more often when needed.

- Vibrational energy from nature captured in spring water (50%), preserved with vodka (50%).
- Each bottle contains 10 ml. 
- Vegan

- Keep away from the reach of children.
- Keep away from direct sunlight and electromagnetic radiations (E.g.: try to store them away from your computer or cellphone).

- This essence has no contraindications except for allergies to one of the ingredients.

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