Customised Combination

Customised Combination

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Based on an intention you set, we can prepare a ready-to-take combination of essences for you or a friend.

How does it work?
1. Purchase this product as you would do with any other.
2. Send an email to telling your order number (given at checkout) and your intention or a brief description of what you want. You can provide your full name and date of birth if you want, that will allow us to dowse for more specific essences. The bottle will indicate your name and a suggested way of use.
Tips to choose your intention:
  • What would love do? Focus on what you want to bring into your life rather than what you want to avoid. A good statement is always written in positive. 
  • Keep it simple. If you try to add too many things in one bottle it can be quite confusing or even overwhelming, especially if you're not having the continuous support of a practitioner.
  • Be specific. If you want to bring clarity into your life, do you refer to clarity to choose healthy relationships? or are you thinking of having a lucid mind when you study? or is it clarity to make healthier decisions regarding your self-care?
  • Focus on yourself. A good intention is based on the thing you want to achieve within yourself, not on external factors. If you want someone to love you, maybe a good intention would be to love and respect yourself more. When we are aligned with our true self, we often attract the things we want to bring into our lives, but it needs to come from within!
You can also choose the essences yourself. If you've been reading our website and would like to try some specific essences, you can pick 1 to 5 essences and we'll prepare a dosage bottle with them, ready for you to use.
Please be aware that this is not therapy so we won't pick any essences that are likely to open emotional wounds or go any deep into issues that would normally be addressed with the further emotional support that the therapy sessions offer. Please be self-responsible and stop using them if you feel they are too strong for you or notice any adverse reaction.
Customised Combinations based on an intention are a nice way to approach and have a feel of how essences might work for you, and many times are enough to get your intentions moving and make significant changes in your life, but we strongly recommend to seek further support if you feel the need to or you want to go deeper.