Neneo - Stock Bottle 10 ml.

Neneo - Stock Bottle 10 ml.

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(Anarthophyllum desideratum)

Neneo is the essence to help us align our life mission with the professional areas of our life.  It has a versatile energy that moves from one chakra to the other, activating all the necessary capacities for vocational fulfilment. Neneo helps spiritually connected people and dreamers to bring that highly spiritual information 'down to earth' and work on their mission.

USES: Find opportunities for vocational fulfilment. Recognize from the heart the people with whom to work and empathize with those with whom we have projects to carry out. 

The lack of meaning and vocation can lead to the dispersion of our energy in the wrong directions or evasion of reality, which often appears in form of disconnection, apathy, depression, anguish, anxiety and mental dispersion. Neneo works all these symptoms, directing the energy towards the true vocational goals. 

Heal hereditary traumas related to the ability to supply our needs and occupy a role in society. (Ch.1 Inverse)