Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams

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Sweet Dreams

Reconnect with your natural cycle 

Nurture yourself with deep and restorative nights. A blend of natural essences to help you calm the mind when you go to bed and connect to your body’s needs and natural cycles. Wake up feeling renewed and energetic. For those who love to dream, this blend will help you connect with your intuition, bringing positive images and insights.

Uses: Overthinking and restlessness, especially at night. Nightmares or fear of the dark. For those who wake up in the middle of the night. Can be used during pregnancy and nursing. 

How to use: Take 7 drops diluted in a glass of water before going to bed. Repeat whenever you feel you need them, doesn’t matter if it’s close to morning since it’s not a sleep inducer, so you will still wake up with energy. 

Recommendation: For long-lasting effects, use every night for 3 to 9 months. 

Essences within this blend: 
Corcolén Blanco
Pico de Loro
Orquídea Amarilla
Senecio de Conguillío
Torrent Duck
Magellanic Horned Owl
Cuarzo del Sueño